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Image by Hannah Busing
Image by Nicola Fioravanti
Image by Anang Ramadhan
Image by Daniel Hooper


We are a dedicated team of cat lovers united by a singular mission: to protect and rescue cats facing the gravest risks. Our foundation stands as a beacon of hope for felines in urgent need, working tirelessly to ensure no cat is left behind due to medical or emergency challenges. 


At The Cat Rescue Foundation, we specialize in identifying and aiding cats in critical situations. By maintaining a vigilant presence in a nationwide online network, we keep our fingers on the pulse of cats requiring immediate medical attention or emergency placement. 


Every donation to The Cat Rescue Foundation is a pledge for hope. We channel your generosity directly into life-saving actions, covering medical expenses, care costs, and rescue operations for at-risk cats. Your contributions empower us to act decisively in emergencies, support our partner rescues, and provide the necessary resources to give vulnerable felines a fighting chance at a better life.


Your support can make a world of difference for cats in dire straits. Join our mission in several impactful ways: donate to aid our rescue efforts, spread the word about our cause, or volunteer your time and skills. By getting involved, you become a vital part of a compassionate community dedicated to saving and improving the lives of at-risk cats. Together, we can turn concern into action and despair into hope.

Image by Lily Banse

How we behave towards cats here below determines our status in Heaven

Robert A Heinlein


At The Cat Rescue Foundation, we are committed to safeguarding the lives of the most vulnerable felines across the nation. Our mission is to identify and support cats at the greatest risk, serving as a crucial link between emergency cases and the rescues ready to provide them with a new lease on life.We operate at the heart of an expansive online community, where we diligently track, update, and amplify the stories of cats in urgent need of medical attention or emergency placement. By leveraging this network, we not only raise awareness but also actively facilitate the mobilization of resources and support.Our foundation is the bridge that connects generosity to action. We utilize the donations entrusted to us to make life-saving pledges for these at-risk cats, ensuring that financial constraints never stand in the way of their care and safety. In collaboration with dedicated rescue organizations, we strive to turn compassion into tangible rescue efforts, offering hope and healing to the most vulnerable among us.In every endeavor, The Cat Rescue Foundation upholds the belief that every cat deserves a chance at a healthy, safe, and loving life. Our commitment is unwavering, our approach is compassionate, and our community is strong. Together, we are the voice and the guardians for cats in dire need, transforming empathy into life-saving action.

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