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9 Astounding Facts About Cats!

1.      Cats have 180-degree rotational ability in their ears.

2.      The average cat's hearing is at least five times sharper than that 
        of an adult human.

3.      The typical male of the biggest cat breed weighs around 20 pounds.

4.      Domestic cats sleep around 70% of the time. And grooming takes up 
        15% of the day.

5.      A cat is unable to see straight beneath its snout.

6.      The majority of cats lack eyelashes.

7.      Each of a cat's front paws have five toes, but only four on the 
        rear. Cats with additional toes, on the other hand, are not 
        unusual. The cat with the most toes was discovered to have 32— 
        eight on each paw!

8.      Some people believe that if you have a dream involving a white 
        cat, you will have good luck.

9.      Meows are a kind of communication established by cats to interact 
        with people.



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