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Facts You Might Wanna Know About Cats!

1. 70% of a cat's life is spent sleeping.

You'd be correct if you assumed cats spend most of their lives resting. Cats spend 70% of their life napping, which equates to roughly 13-16 hours every day, according to Veterinary Hub. It's the life of a cat!

2. Cats have the ability to jump up to six times their own height.

That's correct! Cats are excellent jumpers and can leap great distances. They're frequently seen on the top of a backyard fence or a very tall wall! Their legs have extremely powerful muscles that hurl them into the air.

3. Cats walk in the same manner as camels and giraffe.

Have you ever observed how cats walk in the same way that camels and giraffes do? They walk with both right feet first, then both left feet, moving half of their body forward at the same time. Perhaps the only animals that can walk this path are camels and giraffes.

4. A year in the life of a cat is equivalent to 15 years in the life of a human.

Cats mature much more quickly and live for a shorter period of time than humans. This means that a year in the life of a cat is equivalent to 15 years in the life of a human!

5. House cats and tigers share 95.6 percent of their genetic composition.

This information about cats will astound you. According to a study, our domestic cats share 95.6 percent of their genetic makeup with tigers!

They also exhibit many of the same behaviors, such as smell and urine marking, stalking, and pouncing on prey.

6. A domestic cat can travel at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

If you've ever seen your little feline sprint around the living room when they're excited, you know cats are fast, but you won't believe this cat fact. They can reach speeds of over 30 miles per hour, which is fast enough to defeat Usain Bolt in a 200-meter dash!

7. The oldest cat was 38 years old.

The oldest living cat was recorded to be 38 years old. Creme Puff was his name! The average lifespan of a domestic cat is 16-17 years.

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