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Raising funds to expand our capacity for impact!

Here at The Cat Rescue, we are excited to announce our first Fundraising campaign!

We are currently raising funds to expand our capacity to impact the lives of the cats here in Las Vegas.

Currently there are many more cats out there who need care, food and shelter. However, at the present, we are greatly limited by in that capacity by the physical space we are limited to. By moving into a more suitable space for the rescue, we will greatly expand our capacity to help cats in Las Vegas.

That means less homeless cats on the street, and more second chances for these animals to find a loving home and the lives they deserve! We are committed to making a big impact on the cats on the streets of Las Vegas in 2022. Will you join us in that commitment?

Here's a few different ways you can help out!

1. Donate to our fundraising campaign through the link below!

2. Share our campaign and help spread the word through social media!

3. You can fundraise on our behalf! Click the link below for more details

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